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FIVE, boys, FIVE big, uncut cocks! ONE BED there’s only one direction this can go. These super sexy studs are chomping at the bit to get to each others smooth, hairless, pale bodies. Stunning Mickey Taylor takes the lead and in seconds those onesies are stripping off to reveal hot, teen boys, naked, hard and standing proud and erect. How do we find such skinny cuties with such big cocks!! The fucking, rimming, sucking and snogging are rampant, as tight hole after tight hole is plundered and ploughed. We could barely direct this spunky gem we just stood back and let the cameras roll – but of course getting in good and close for the juicy stuff. We know you luv to see those tight sphincters hugging and stretching a stiff rod as it slides in and out. If you like boys – big dicks and foreskins you’ll be in piggy heaven with this scene!EB_Onesie_Direction_2_Sc3_The_Orgy_022

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We re Spoiling You

Three threesomes in one week, including  ‘weapons off ass destruction’ in which – The boys are in the army, but Mickey Taylor ( stunning boy of the month) is finding it hard ( oh so hard) keeping his young recruits in order. There’s a rebellion in the ranks. Tired of flexing their muscles and doing push ups the boys find a different way to please their boss, Colby and Leo suck on sexy Mickey’s juicy uncut dick lifting him up onto the bonnet of an army jeep as they peel off their uniforms and turn the session into a boy-on-boy splattery fuckfest. No hole is left unploughed, the boys are tight but with a lot of spit and lube they open up each others ‘almost’ virginal holes to slide their bloated, engorged young pricks into each other. Mickey gets spit roasted then its a cock to ass sex train, there’s nothing these randy lads wont do and we get IN THERE for all those wet shots and as you know, nobody comes as hard as a Euroboy, their lithe, smooth, slender young bodies convulse as they shoot great jets of steaming cum over each other. EB_Weapons_of_Ass_Destruction_Sc1_Colby-Mickey-Leo_039

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Theo Ford And Mickey Taylor

Its a scorcher Theo Ford nails Mickey Taylor to the art gallery table, Big uncut cocks and huge, copious, cum shots. theo-mickey8

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Mickey and Theo

Cruising the art gallery, Mickey Taylor finds himself struck by Stendhal syndrome, and yes thats real condition, though it doesn’t usually turn you into a raging cock slut.


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Mickey Takes A Licking

And if you can spot the BRAND NEW tattoo, theres a prize, it was done that morning, – Theo Ford couldn’t keep his hands off or his tongue out of Mickey Taylor. theo-mickey4

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Full Steam Ahead

and all hands on dick, especially when they’re big fat, stiff, uncut dicks, like this beaut. OH Daddy! ( How did such a little cutie like Mickey Taylor get such a big, veiny cock!)mickey-taylor6

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