Giorgio Arsenale and Bruno Foxx

Daddy luvs dick and this sexy Italian DILF is getting it all ways courtesy of Bruno Fox. The strapping lads get straight down to heavy snogging as they feel each others swelling cocks, bulging in their pants. Giorgio Arsenale strips his handsome, hairy, hung hunk – Bruno out of his jeans and heavy leather boots and stuffs the sexy lads feet into his mouth, sucking and licking his toes whilst playing with Bruno’s cock with his other foot – kinky! Bruno luvs feet too but he wants to have a good lick, sick and nibble of Giorgio’s long, stretchy foreskin, there’s nothing like a juicy uncut cock. Then with Bruno’s dark dick ROCK hard, Bruno turns daddy around and spreads his arse cheeks, then spreads his hole with tongue and fingers as daddy howls. The gaping hole is dripping with spit, and you know whats coming next! Giorgio spreads his arse and takes Bruno’s dick right up to the nuts, Bruno fucks that hole relentlessly until Giorgio is hanging off the sofa. Then our sexy DILF is straddling the thick meat, his hole bloated by the huge meat. The guys fuck up a sweaty frenzy until – even with Bruno’s cock right up his hole Giorgio is squirting his creamy sperm all over himself. Bruno pulls out of the sopping, gaping hole, pushes his papis handsome face back to squirt all over it. HOT DAMN!IMG_7687

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