Candy Eggs this weekend? Or all you can eat for a year?!


Get all you can eat for a whole year for just $8.25 a month!

Ends midnight, March 29 2016 HURRY!!!

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New Favourite Pants

The guys at ‘stud me up’ know a thing or two about gentlemen’s intimates – thats ‘hot package enhancing pants’ to you, David JamesIMG_9896 was getting stiff just wearing them, as they present everything to bulging magnificence!

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The Geyser Geezer

Luving this spunktastic gif, Issac Jones luvs cum whilst Nathan Raider luvs to blow a copious load in a handsome face, so this furiously fucktastic spunkathon worked like a dripping, steaming, gooey charm. REALLY if you had stunning Issac Jones at your feet, where would you shoot? – down his abs, in his face or spin him around and spunk all over his hole?MVI_2715_200x200

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