Bare Bar Boys

Matt’s a big lad with a big dick and taste for the twinks, he’s total top with a firm hand, which he’s gonna need here as these skinny, smooth, lads are running amok. I actually can’t remember how many young lads are in this scene, it was spunky, sweaty bedlam, but Matt certainly got his fill of boy-hole. Scott’s totally oversexed and takes Matt’s raw length like a pro/ho. The boys are fucking all over the sofa, as the lads in the pub watch and join in. Matt’s slides deep into Scott’s hungry, tight hole and stuffs him good and proper as he moans with pleasure. You can’t imagine how much mopping up we had to do! All those uncut cocks YUM!RR_Warehouse_Orgy_Part4_095
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Hot Property Twinks

Reece and Scott are packed into their cheap, shiny suits, so eager to impress, but its the boy inside the suit, who’s gonna get this job done. Reece sinks to his knees in a jiffy to unzip and unfurl Scott’s BIG, uncircumcised cock. He plays with the foreskin and does his best to deep throat the big, old dong. Then he’s on the desk, taking the whole steaming length up his tight hole ( not so tight now is it Reece?!!) The two horny pups fuck all over the office desk and chair and then its gets good and messy. EB_Hot_Property_Twinks_Sc3_Reece-Scott_045

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Warehouse Orgy scene 4

LINE ‘EM UP, ITS BOYMANIA !! Hi Viz jackets, high sex drives and low morals. There was so much spunk flying in this scene, we didn’t know which way to turn, but don’t worry we got every bareback, puckered arse hole and stretching sphincter, getting in good and close for all that raw, skin on skin action. The boys are fucking on the shelves, on the floor over the boxes, we totally lost count of how many as they line up to take it in turns sliding dick after uncut dick into those sopping, willing boy-holes. Horny subs taking boy after boy load after load in their dripping bum holes.  Innocence is well and truly lost and gone for these spunky twinks. RR_Warehouse_Orgy_Part4_086

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Warehouse Orgy

So many boys, so many stiff, uncut cocks and SO MANY bareback holes aching for boy juice. We could barely keep up with all the raw, spunky fun that was going on here, hole after hole, cock after cock these boys just don’t know how to say ‘no’ as they fuck, rim and suck all over our warehouse. No wonder poor Aaron looks so knackeredRR_Warehouse_Orgy_Part4_099

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Boys Want Votes

They also want as much raw, uncut cocks as they can get their dick-milking holes on, just ask Craig Daniel as he takes Delta Kobra‘s creamy daddy load. get yo ass on twitter @ProwlerAwards .BD_MVI_2840_200x200

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Dads Breed Lads

We re buckling down for the Prowler Porn Awards, but still shooting our asses off like this SCORCHER yesterday. What better way to spice up real-life-young-boyfriends, than add a rough, hairy, big-dick Dutch guy to their passionate fucking. Michael Selvaggio finds Drake &IMG_5889 Luke messing with his car so he takes matters into his own hands. Drake and Luke might be young, Luke’s just turned eighteen,  but boy are they diiiirty. Michael luved having four holes to choose, use and abuse and the boys were well up for his big-dick attention. Hairy, horny Michael went from ass to ass to mouth to mouth to ass again, sliding into one boy on the juices of the last, twisted and pervy – YUM. These three uncircumcised gents fuck up a spunky storm, until Michael pulls them up and pushes them in close – cheek to cheek to spray his big-daddy-load into their faces they kiss and snog, until their mouths are rolling spit and spunk in equal measures. And of course there was only one place these revved up lads wanted to cum – on daddy’s broad hairy chest. Its a really spunky, yummy mess.

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Cruised & Abused Nominated Best British Fetish Film 2014


Latest DVD release CRUISED & ABUSED by director Ashton Bradley of Young Bastards today got nominated for Best British Fetish Film 2014.
With the nominees now in, voting  for this years Prowler Porn Awards begins in 16 different categories. The event will be held on Thursday 26th March 2015 at The Shadow Lounge, Soho, London from 8pm with the countries top porn stars arriving in style. Following over 8000 nominations, a panel of industry professionals, did compile the final list of nominees ready for public voting.
Please support CRUISED & ABUSED and vote for it now:

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