Theo Ford And Mickey Taylor

Its a scorcher Theo Ford nails Mickey Taylor to the art gallery table, Big uncut cocks and huge, copious, cum shots. theo-mickey8

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3 thoughts on “Theo Ford And Mickey Taylor”

  1. they are both gorgeous but Mikcey is in my biew THE hottest model in your stable.
    Positive: hot jeans
    negative: mainly the BAD kissing (from the other guy cute but is he straight or what) and I hate jocks, porn without kissing is like spaghetti without the sauce

    1. Mickey’s a hot cutie, did you see him getting nailed by Bruno Bernal, that was ONE hot load Mickey shot, infact that was two hot loads rolled into one.

    2. I’ll make sure there’s extra sauce on your spaghetti next time ; ). I’m pretty sure Mickey had a whale of a time did you see that massive load they both shot?

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