Stallone – De Boxer – Need I say more?

Woof! Mick Stallone at his hairiest, roughest MANLIEST, fucks Manuel De Boxer until he cries with pleasure

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Working with wood

Handsome Alexis Belfort takes Nick North’s big, uncut cock in his young ass and it gets very messy in that workshop!

Do you like the new banner style?

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This is fun…

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A Very Personal Trainer – the making of…

We knew from Carioca’s solo shoot he had everything we were looking for in a model – tall, dark, handsome and oh, so hung, with a stunningly toned body… he was also a really nice, gentle guy, with a great smile and a big heart.

Carioca had the kind of body only achieved by personal trainers and dedicated bodybuilders – and when we were offered a brand new fully equipped gym to shoot in, the personal trainer theme was a given.  We had to be gone before the first customers arrived at 9 am, but we were all stoked about the shoot, so an early start wasn’t a big deal.

We found a great partner for Carioca in Rafael – another Brazilian lad, who had just arrived in London, looking so so good; toned body, big smile and a big appetite for big cocks. Rafael had literally just landed and had about a dozen English words in his vocabulary, so communications were, er, not as straightforward as usual, but Rafael showed at the ridiculously early hour for the shoot (still up from the night before, but hey, he was 22, so it didn’t phase him) and we started shooting on schedule.

Ok, it was a little unusual to be shooting two Brazilians for a British site, but when two of the hottest guys in London happen to be tourists, we’re more than happy to have them! Carioca’s English was near perfect, so he was able to translate to Rafael what we needed from him – and some of that was a surprise to him, as he thought we were just shooting stills – but he hardly blinked an eye and got into the swing of a video shoot within minutes.

The gym was full of mirrors; great for admiring yourself as you work out and great for those reflected shots we love, where you get to see the action from all angles, it was a dream setup, (unless you’re shooting with two cameras, as we always do, we’re so greedy, we want to see all angles, can’t bear to miss a thing) or when you’re the editor, who has to crop out all those great shots of me and my cam reflected in a mirror.  He’s so good, I rarely get even a bit part :/

Carioca’s huge, silky shorts were soon tenting and Rafael took his cue, sliding a hand inside… I don’t remember us saying very much as the guys had bags of natural chemistry going on – I do remember the end though; a ‘technical hitch’ meant we over-ran our allotted time and were shooting Carioca’s splendid, gushing cum-shot as the first gym members were arriving. We had to pack away lights and cameras (and wipe down the equipment) with an audience of five or six muscle guys. The gym smelled of sweat and cum at 9 am and before breakfast, we had a great scene in the bag.

A Very Personal Trainer has been remastered, it’s now available to download in 1080p HD for members

Or as a single scene from



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That Amazing Furry Ass!!

There’s some stiff competition when it comes to ‘Best Hair’ this week, but the prize definitely goes to… Teddy Torres!

Manuel Deboxer has a magnicient Mohican, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Punk Rock was huge, but we can’t take our eyes of that amazing furry ass he’s plowing with his thick, uncut cock – Teddy’s perfectly rounded ass is covered in a dark, even fur which definitely makes you want to stroke before you poke, it’s a clear winner in our eyes.

These hot studs share an intense bareback flip-flop fuck. And they top it off by shooting their juicy loads on each other’s muscle butts and then they stuff their big dripping dicks back in to end with a messy splash.

*An additional minute of footage was added by member request.!

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Download in 1080P Full HD from!

We’ve added many new titles to our 3-Pack Special Offer, in fact, all our current releases are included 🙂

Choose any 3 UKNM Feature Downloads for just $39 and enjoy 15 superb scenes in 1080P Full HD – as they were filmed – they look amazing on a big screen TV!



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OMFG! UKHJ! You’re killing me!

I know, my post are a bit centric of late (we have great content on our sites too!) but I can’t help myself; this guy is GORGEOUS!!! I will be asking why they didn’t share this hot number’s number with us – we’re meant to be friends after all – but for now, let’s all drool over the very sexy, very delicious Josh Moore.

I think I heard somewhere he shot several scenes with UK Hot Jocks, so sign up now to be sure not to miss him!

Josh Moore is a UK Hot Jock

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Sam Barclay steals AJ from me!

I get to meet a lot of porn performers and they’re all great guys, but now and then, there’s a guy who gets me all worked up… like AJ.
The coal-black eyes, the magnetic intensity of his stare, the Scottish accent, with its hint of menace… they’re just some of the reasons. The other is, IMO AJ has the most perfect cock for porn. It’s a magnificent thing of beauty!

And here’s Sam Barclay, with his lips and his ass all over that perfect cock! I’m so jealous!

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A very personal trainer – remastered

Butch has been busy remastering some of our favourite scenes so you can now download them in full 1080p High Definition. He gives them an extra polish while he’s at it and the results are spectacular.

This trailer is in the original format, the new wider format is so much better!

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Bearded Sam Wallace catches my eye

Beards… I hope they don’t go out of fashion anytime soon, because I’m like a pig in mud right now. Gay guys were into them before hipsters were invented, but if half the male population under 30 think it’s cool, I’m happy to drool along with them!

Take Sam Wallace here, the beard changes everything; from a smooth pup, he’s transformed into an intense, brooding fucker – and thus, grabs my attention. Sam’s no stranger to the gym and has solid, suckable cock…

Those UK Hot Jocks guys have an eye for a guy with something special to share!

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