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Stallone – De Boxer – Need I say more?

Woof! Mick Stallone at his hairiest, roughest MANLIEST, fucks Manuel De Boxer until he cries with pleasure

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That Amazing Furry Ass!!

There’s some stiff competition when it comes to ‘Best Hair’ this week, but the prize definitely goes to… Teddy Torres!

Manuel Deboxer has a magnicient Mohican, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Punk Rock was huge, but we can’t take our eyes of that amazing furry ass he’s plowing with his thick, uncut cock – Teddy’s perfectly rounded ass is covered in a dark, even fur which definitely makes you want to stroke before you poke, it’s a clear winner in our eyes.

These hot studs share an intense bareback flip-flop fuck. And they top it off by shooting their juicy loads on each other’s muscle butts and then they stuff their big dripping dicks back in to end with a messy splash.

*An additional minute of footage was added by member request.!

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And here’s one for Butch

I really could stare at Michel Rudin’s perfect, furry ass for days on end, so I chose him as our poster boy for 2017. What do you think?Michel Rudin's furry ass!That same expanded package of member benefits applies to too and with the new,  wider screen design, Butch is looking beefier and better than ever!

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Lick It And Stick It

Martin Mazza is revved up and ready, and with that hot, wet, probing tongue he’s making sure ‘s hole is good ‘n’ ready for that juicy, glistening, bareback pole ( yep Mr Mazza is going raw) Luv watching an insatiable bottom becoming a nasty top and using all the tricks he’s learned to really ram it home to his cute partner, Buckle Up Angel!DSC02172

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Keeping It Hairy

We have our favourites, but we do LUV a fresh face especially when they’re as handsome as these young bucks C.J. Michael and Erik Taylor.  Fresh off the bus and ready to fuck, suck, rim and squirt their way to shuddering climaxes!DSC00757

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Can’t Resist

I just luv watching someone who LUVS getting fucked  ( Abraham Montenegro ploughs Mario Domenech) DSC08466

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Bring It On!

sexy, bearded, beary, and handsome as the day is long – ‘ Mario Domenech‘ is back for even more uncut, bareback dick. The man;s insatiable, but he looks so damn hot when he’s getting fucked, Here’s Abraham Montenegro ‘sorting him out’.DSC08986

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Bring On The BIG Lads

Wow, always good to meet a model for the first time, especially when he slides down his pants and WHAP! Josh Dors was one of those treats, handsome, muscular and that cock!! its a whopper, thick, long, weighty and of course uncut, cop and eyeful and wish you were copping a mouthful.IMG_0496

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Keep ‘ Em Coming

Its been all hands to the pumps and hard graft at the cock face, but we keep those boys coming’ attcha – look who’s in the pipeline – HOT ex soldier David James and Riley Tess as a RAW nasty TOP !IMG_0129

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New Favourite Pants

The guys at ‘stud me up’ know a thing or two about gentlemen’s intimates – thats ‘hot package enhancing pants’ to you, David JamesIMG_9896 was getting stiff just wearing them, as they present everything to bulging magnificence!

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