Sam Barclay steals AJ from me!

I get to meet a lot of porn performers and they’re all great guys, but now and then, there’s a guy who gets me all worked up… like AJ.
The coal-black eyes, the magnetic intensity of his stare, the Scottish accent, with its hint of menace… they’re just some of the reasons. The other is, IMO AJ has the most perfect cock for porn. It’s a magnificent thing of beauty!

And here’s Sam Barclay, with his lips and his ass all over that perfect cock! I’m so jealous!

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A very personal trainer – remastered

Butch has been busy remastering some of our favourite scenes so you can now download them in full 1080p High Definition. He gives them an extra polish while he’s at it and the results are spectacular.

This trailer is in the original format, the new wider format is so much better!

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Bearded Sam Wallace catches my eye

Beards… I hope they don’t go out of fashion anytime soon, because I’m like a pig in mud right now. Gay guys were into them before hipsters were invented, but if half the male population under 30 think it’s cool, I’m happy to drool along with them!

Take Sam Wallace here, the beard changes everything; from a smooth pup, he’s transformed into an intense, brooding fucker – and thus, grabs my attention. Sam’s no stranger to the gym and has solid, suckable cock…

Those UK Hot Jocks guys have an eye for a guy with something special to share!

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And here’s one for Butch

I really could stare at Michel Rudin’s perfect, furry ass for days on end, so I chose him as our poster boy for 2017. What do you think?Michel Rudin's furry ass!That same expanded package of member benefits applies to too and with the new,  wider screen design, Butch is looking beefier and better than ever!

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New Graphics!

That was fun to do and I’m happy with the result 🙂


It’s part of our big upgrade for 2017, we’ve added a whole new Bonus Content package and upgraded the VOD cinemas we include in memberships. It’s called the ULTIMATE PACKAGE and we reckon it’s pretty amazing. What do you think?

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WTF?! 2017!

Well that flew by, didn’t it?

Hope y’all had a great year, ours was a buzz and somebody sped up time, cos here we are in a whole new year already!

We’ve been busy making sure 2017 is even better, more of that later… for now, here’s our fave crush Woody Fox to wish sending you a New Years message from us all at Jonno Media.


Did you notice how he didn’t quite manage to hide the whole thing there? It’s difficult when you’re so hung, I guess #jealousasfuck

Happy New Year!

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