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Raw Road Trip Ahoy

I swear these twinks are getting ruder. they can’t go back home as they live with their folks (Aaron is just turned 18 – Josh is 19) He’s even borrowed his dads car. So they head to a spot JoshRR_Raw_Road_Trip_Sc3_Aaron-Josh_055 knows for some nasty, sleazy, bareback fun. All smooth, from their hairless bodies, to their skin-on-skin fucking. Its cramped in the back of the car but there’s enough room to get those slender legs spread and that puckered hole good ’n’ ready with spit. These al fresco fuckers didn’t bring lube or condoms its just passionate boy-in-boy action which of course ends up with someone going home with a sticky path in the seat of his pants as that sticky cum dribbles out of his hole. A sexy reminder of the hot load he just took!

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